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    China’s leading solution for management of students, teachers, and parents

    Zhu-Lou is China’s most advanced Student Information System (SIS). By visiting a number of top schools in our home region of Dongbei (China’s Northeast), we discovered that there was no robust system for school management, and that this was a major pain point for both principals and teachers. We resolved to create a solution, and thus Zhu-Lou was born. While similar SIS products exist in other markets, including the United States, Zhu-Lou is tailored for the unique Chinese school system.

    Our software is cloud-based, which means you can access your school’s system from any device with an internet connection. It’s also free for schools to use.

    Zhu-Lou was founded in February 2014 in Shenyang, the largest city in the Northeast region of China. We are currently funded by SOS Ventures of Ireland, and are based in Shanghai.

Recent News

  • Zhu-Lou accepted into Chinaccelerator Batch VI
    Chinaccelerator, a startup program based in Shanghai, has officially offered a spot in its next batch to Zhu-Lou. The program will provide some funding for Zhu-Lou’s continued growth, as well as mentorship, office space, and other benefits. Chinaccelerator has played a major role in the growth of several important companies such as Splitforce. Zhu-Lou is very proud to be part of this program, and thanks Chinaccelerator and SOS Ventures for their belief in the value of our service.
  • Zhu-Lou Founded
    Zhu-Lou was officially founded in February 2014 after a productive meeting with a top school in Fushun, China.



How do I set up a new school?


We are currently accepting applications for trial service. Please contact dan@zhu-lou.com, and include a description of your school.


Can I add additional users?


Yes! Zhu-Lou is meant to be used by both administrators and teachers. You can go to Setup>Users on the menu once you are logged in.


Is there a cost to your service?


Zhu-Lou is currently a trial service. This means we will not charge you to get your school set up. Actual cost for continued use after a trial period would be based on the size of your school.


Will our data be sold or shared with third parties?


Zhu-Lou will never sell personally identifiable information about you, your students, parents, and teachers. We may track aggregate data for reporting purposes, but this data will not be identifiable. Personal details such as phone numbers, addresses, and names will also be kept secret.


Is there an easier way to import all my data?


We are implementing a system that will enable import of batch data via CSV files. If you are not able to use this method, or if you do not currently have a computerized system, please contact us and we will assist you in getting your data onto our system.


Can your system help me compare two students/units/teachers, etc…?


Yes! Our system includes a complete data analytics solution. Admin users can pull graphs and charts, making it easy to compare various elements.


My school has some additional subjects not covered by gaokao (e.g. Japanese language). Will this system work for us?


Not a problem. Zhu-Lou includes the basic gaokao subjects, but also allows the Admin user to add additional subjects as needed. The system is designed to be usable by all gaokao-based schools in China.


Features of Zhu-Lou SIS

- Cloud-based system. You can access the SIS from any device connected to the internet.
- Your own domain (e.g. yourschoolname.zhu-lou.com).
- Grading system so teachers can track students'scores in their classes. Principals are able to view all classes.
- SMS messaging. Contact parents easily and conveniently. Send grading information.
- Data analytics. Pull charts and graphs of the data in your system. Compare units, students, and teachers. Discover which areas need more effort for improvement.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions.

Donghai SOHO Building 3
Ground Floor, Hero Centre
28 Yuyuan Dong Lu
Jing’an District, Shanghai, China 200042
Telephone: +86 185-0241-7003
E-mail: founders@zhu-lou.com

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